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The goal of JITO’s youth wing is to bring more young Jains into the mainstream and to take advantage of youth’s power in social and business life. Currently, the JITO Youth Wing has 40 chapters and 3515 members across India.


The JITO Hyderabad Chapter is pleased to announce the formation of the “JITO Youth Wing Hyderabad,” which is open to young entrepreneurs, students, and other young people who want to be a part of our ongoing mission to strengthen the JITO Hyderabad Chapter and build a relationship that could last centuries. An opportunity to make contacts, discuss ideas, receive mentorship, and meet with some of the world’s most powerful leaders from all over.

Our Mission

To build a pool of conscious young leaders by leveraging JITO – its vision, mission and flagship projects

Our Vision

Our vision is to make youth wing the catalyst of growth for all projects of JITO by effectively percolating its purpose across the youth in our community.

Our Goal

Increase membership and make it more gender-inclusive. Holistically empower the youth by executing novel projects. Identify and groom potential leaders in JITO Youth Wing.