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 Mr. Sushil Kumar Sancheti


Education            – Post Graduate

Professional       – MBA

University           – CDU University, Australia



Managing Director

Sri Ram Spinning Mills Ltd– Hyderabad

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the textiles industry. Skilled in Leadership, Business Planning, and Strong business development professional with an MBA focused in Business Management, Marketing & Finance from Charles Darwin University, Australia.


AT JITO Hyderabad

Served as Vice Chairman–Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), Hyderabad Chapter -2020-2021

Served as Jt Treasurer –Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), Hyderabad Chapter -2019-20


About JITO

JITO has evolved to be the foremost body of the Jains globally consisting of Jain businessmen, industrialists, Traders, Professionals, and Knowledge Workers engaged in the betterment of the community.

JITO has continuously evolved with the changing time, higher aspirations and new needs.

Economic Empowerment, Knowledge, and Seva are three main pillars of JITO, and Hyderabad Chapter has taken various programs & initiatives justifying the same.


Vision for JITO Hyderabad -2022-24

JITO’s Primary purpose has been Empowering Jain Brothers and Sisters for a better future and our vision is to connect micro, small and medium business with big business houses within the community so they can prosper and achieve better levels of business, with help of the platform of JITO Business Network (JBN)

Similarly, JPF is a wonderful platform consisting of Jain professionals scattered across sectors like CA, Doctors, CS, architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Arbitrators, IPS, etc. JPF Hyderabad has almost 175 members and our vision is to develop JPF Hyderabad as a Knowledge Center, delivered by creating a repertoire of professionals who are available for the community to lend their knowledge and skills.

One of the objectives of JITO has been Seva and various initiatives under the same to support the underprivileged in the Jain Community by way of better education, housing, and Skill enhancement for business development.

Jito Minority envisages Programs on communicating the benefits available under minority schemes, both of States and Centre, to Jain Society and assist so that eligible avail the benefit. JITO jobs are another avenue where required employers will be invited to hire Jain talent and make them permanently self-independent.

Knowledge is the power now and will remain so in the future. JITO Hyderabad under Center of Excellence & JIIF plans Speaker sessions, Knowledge, Skill & resource driven workshops to boost and upgrade the knowledge of members, and explore the Start-up domain.

JATF is a prime example of strength and value which can be derived by imparting knowledge and Jito has seen almost 250 JATF pass outs in the last 10 years.

Games are a great way to keep us healthy and active, Games impart to us the importance of team spirit, cooperation, building higher self-esteem, stronger leadership skills, and Confidence, all of them important in business and our daily lives. JITO conducts sports and games events on a regular basis for all its members.

We have been blessed by our Guru Bhagwants, Sadhus and Sadhiviji and Shraman Arogyam with the spirit of Vaiyavachh is about our reverence for them and their well-being. We at JITO Hyderabad are blessed to have served Guru Bhagwants, Sadhus, and Sadhivijis in the previous year under Shraman Arogyam.



  • Secretary – Telangana Spinning & Textile Mills Association (TSTMA), Telangana -2021-2024

Looking after the interest of the Spinning Industry in the state of Telangana, as well as representing on behalf of the Association to Government Authorities on the issues concerning the Spinning & Textile Industry.

  • TREASURER TRUSTEEMahavir Hospital & Research Centre, (MHRC) Hyderabad -2021-2023

As a Treasurer Trustee of the Hospital, look after Finances at the Hospital including raising Money in form of Donations & CSR from philanthropists & Corporates.

Job Responsibilities also include monitoring Accounts and Finances in a transparent manner to be presented to Trustees at the Hospital.