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Frequently asked questions

What is JITO?

JITO is a worldwide organisation of businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers, and professionals reflecting
the glory of ethical business practices.

It is a global organisation set to achieve socio-economic empowerment, value based education, community
welfare, the practice of compassion, the spread of global friendship, and spiritual upliftment of fellow beings.

How can i update/edit my profile?

  • On the home page click the menu item on the bottom left and click on your name on top to view your profile.
  • Click on the edit button on the top right to open your profile for editing
  • Once you have edited your details click the update button on the top right to update your profile

How can i send a notification?

  • On the home page click the broadcast button on the bottom right to open the notification popup.
  • Enter the title, message and choose the group to which you want to send the notification
  • Click the Send Notification button to finish sending the notification

How can i view projects?

  • On the home page click Projects in the section below Banner.
  • Click on the category to view projects of that category.