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Kushal Kumar Kankariya is a highly ambitious and compassionate being who is always ready to face the most unexpected of situations with full courage and empathy

He’s been born and bought up in the vibrant city of Hyderabad and since a very young age he has often been exposed to the outside world whether its in the society, business, or the responsibility of managing a family, which in turn has lent him a lot of experience to deal with people and varied situations. His understanding of the problems faced by the different sections of the society makes him a people’s person. The love and respect he commands from all corners of the society is immense.


He is very spiritual and religion and worship form a large part of his daily routine. His spiritual outlook make him a calm and composed person who stays the same in all kinds of situations.


He has a very keen eye on business activities and his intuitive nature, foresight and sincere dedication towards any task he takes up makes him very reliable.


His favourite mantra reads: “Its never too late to start anything or learn anything.” This positive thinking of his opens a lot of opportunities for learning and exploration.


Vision for JITO

Relaunch of JBN
Making a hostel
Making an office for JITO Hyderabad


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